About Me

Filmmaker. Animator. Storyteller. 
Hi! I'm Amie, a British freelance Videographer, Editor, Animator and Illustrator covering all of the UK and abroad.
I began making films from a very early age. It all started when I worked out how to use my dad's old Hi8 camcorder when I was around 8 years old. I became so obsessed with documenting the life around me, be it recording family events to putting together
my own narrative films where my family and pets would play the roles!
As I grew older my interests developed into other forms of filmmaking such as stop motion animation, where
I built mythical creatures out of plasticine and wire (influenced by my favourite directors Ray Harryhausen and Tim Burton).
I then moved on to study a BA(Hons) degree in
Film & Television production at the London College of Communication where I learnt all the practical skills
I needed to finally process my dreams into reality.
I have since gained over 10 years experience producing commercials, documentaries and bespoke animations for a variety of organisations, corporate businesses and charities; including the RSPCA, Cats Protection, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation WWF, English Heritage, GAME, FIFA and Call of Duty.
I have full camera kit, including sound equipment, lighting, grips and a steady cam, along with full editing and animation software ready to get started on any project.

Contact me

so we can talk about the best way to create your story.
contact@amiehill.com  07512717232
Based between Surrey & Sussex. Travels worldwide
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